Aygül Erce: We shall NEVER FORGET the Armenian genocide

Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian writes;  


I was touched by my friend, singer/composer Miss Aygul Erce’s Easter message, which I would like to share with your readers .. she is after all Kurdistan’s Joan Baez … and not a mere singer of pleasant tunes, but also  the writer of their poetic lyrics with serious content.   She writes — 


Dear Hovhanness and my dear other Armenian friends


First and last of all, on this day of the 24th April, let me say how deeply sad and sorry I feel about the Armenian genocide.


I have been listening to the magnificent Armenian song, so sweetly melancholic (below) in tears and tears, for days and days … The documentary video picture is enough to break my heart, witnessing how the children and the Armenian mother are skinny and starving, having been treated atrociously …


I greatly hope that no genocide of any nation will ever take place again.


We shall NEVER FORGET the Armenian genocide, and I keep sharing all the information I can find throughout the Internet with my friends and fans, as I want the whole world to know of the Armenian genocide.




Please visit the links below, please;







All of my friends already know about the Armenian genocide.  


Please forward this email to all YOUR lovely friends, as I want them to know that we, the Turkish people, shall never ever forget the Armenian genocide.


Your international friends should know that the Armenians are not alone in their grief.  We share their suffering, especially as Kurds.